Below are a list of frequently asked questions, please read through them before emailing or calling to ask a specific question.

Q. Can you walk to the airport?
A. Yes, we are only an 8-10 min walk. The road can be dark at night, and there is a small section with no payment however many guests do choose to walk

Q. Do you offer transfers?
A. No, Transfers can be booked with UBER or the airports own taxi firm Arrow Cars, both work very well, or we are only an 8 min walk to the terminal

Q. Is there a restaurant at the guest house?
A. No, however the airport hotel is only a 5 minute walk, there is also a M&S at the airport. If you are driving there are several pubs close by

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. During these covid times, we are very flexible with cancellations, if your flights/holiday is cancelled, let us know as soon as you know (For obvious reasons we will require proof of when you were notified) and there will be no charge (only applies to direct bookings and not through booking.com) Ordinarily If you have booked directly with us we require 14 days to cancel your room. Cancellations are by email only and will not be accepted by phone. It is absolutely imperative that when you cancel a room that you have an emailed acknowledgment from us that the room has been cancelled with no charge, this ensures that you know we actually received the email from you in the first place. If you don’t receive an acknowledgment email from us this means we did not get your email and the room will not have been cancelled, you will be charged for the booking. If you have booked through an agency these are non-cancellable / non refundable / non amendable rooms.

Q. How early can i arrive?
A. From 16:00>, No arrivals before this time please

Q. How late can i arrive?
A. 22:00, however if it is going to be later it is possible for you to “self check-in” no staff member will be available

Q. What is your check out time?
A. 10:30

Q. Do you offer a cooked breakfast or cereals?
A. No, 95% of guests are leaving at a time where breakfast wouldn’t be offered, however there are several options when you get over to the airport.

Q. Is there a fridge in the room?
A. Yes

Q. Are travel cots available?
A. Yes, only if you have booked a room with an infant.

Q. What if my flights are delayed?
A. Please let us know if possible, however if we know your flight we can check online and keep an eye on it.

Q. Are there any take-aways that deliver to the guest house
A. Yes, a Grill, Pizza and Indian take-a-away, all on “Just Eat”

Q. Are there any pubs in the area to get something to eat.
A. Yes, there are several within a mile or so, most are family friendly.